The Health Link is a network of health policy and communications experts working in Europe and beyond. The network is the result of the cooperation between Nomos Centro Studi Parlamentari and other agencies: nile (France), SKC Beratung (Germany), Incisive Health (EU, UK), Marco de Comunicación - MdC (Spain), CAPS (Malta) and Public Health (Austria).

Health challenges are not constrained by borders. As a result, our clients often face similar issues in different countries. The Health Link creates smart and bespoke solutions to help clients deliver a consistent approach, while ensuring that the solutions are tailored to reflect national circumstances. Our objective: to deliver concrete change for our clients and for the patients they serve and, ultimately, play our part towards a “Europe of health” in which citizens are protected from infectious diseases no matter where they live, where healthcare professionals receive the highest quality education and training, where shortages in the health workforce are a problem of the past, and where healthcare can be accessed equally by all Europeans.


Newsletter #4 "How the European Union members are facing the crisis”

The EU Member States have chosen to collaborate to launch their vaccination campaigns by mutualizing the purchase of vaccines. The EU has many production sites on its territory. In order to prepare for the recovery and support the economy in the territories, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe have adopted budgets and a common health policy. To this end, the Parliament and the Council of Europe agreed on a historic budget of 5.1 billion euros for the period 2021-2027. This programme will focus on strengthening the EU's health systems' resilience to future crises. Before the summer, it was the REACT-EU fund that was proposed by the European Commission to mitigate the effects of the health crisis.

The Health Link Newsletter #4

Newsletter #3 “Germany’s six-month Presidency of the Council of the EU & Update on the COVID-19 Pandemic”

In this newsletter edition, the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic is still present. Therefore, members of The Health Link elaborate on the ongoing challenges faced during the pandemic. Our
partners of The Health Link will touch upon their countries specific responses towards the crisis as well as the resulting implications and changes for their public health systems.
Furthermore, we will assess the EU response to the crisis under German Presidency of the Council and address the implementation of the EU-HTA which has lost priority on the agenda due to the challenges the healthcare systems and the economies face in coping with the crisis.

The Health Link newsletter #3


Newsletter #2 “Europe’s response to COVID-19” (March 2020)

The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic shows just how important this vision is - in Europe and beyond. The Health Link dedicates its second newsletter to this crisis since the course and outcome of this pan-European challenge will determine the future of all of us. Now more than ever, the need for unity in diversity manifests itself. In this newsletter, the partners of The Health Link have a good look at what’s happening in Europe by assessing the different responses to the challenge posed by COVID-19 at national level, drawing some initial conclusions on what Europe can learn from these challenges to date. Contributions touch upon several aspects of this multilevel crisis, including on healthcare systems sustainability, the need for efficient political communication, economic implications, regional differences and much more.Enjoy the read and stay safe!

The Health Link newsletter #2


Newsletter #1 “News from The Health Link members” (February 2020) 

The first newsletter offers to its readers the experts’ view on the most relevant issues under discussion in the different member States.

In this issue:

  • France is facing major challenges in health access
  • Boris Johnson wants a reform of the UK’s health legislation
  • Brussels: a strong mandate for EU action in health
  • Austria: the new coalition will give a special place to health 
  • Italy want to deal with prevention, R&D and healthcare planning for the next 3 years
  • Germany expects a harmonization of health technology assessment
  • Political stability will set the course for Spanish healthcare in 2020
  • No major changes expected in Malta’s medical cannabis policies with new government in place

The Health Link newsletter #1


The Health Link Newsletter #4
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